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The Source Church Stirling believes...
“God is The Source of everything”

We’re here to help you experience God, so you can become all He desires you to be.

Our Vision is simple - “God, People, World”

It’s our heartbeat- It’s our DNA!

Discovering God

A church where God is encountered

Nurturing People

A church that facilitates people to be all God intends

Affecting Worlds

A church that interacts relevantly with its world, displaying and sharing the love of Christ

We look forward to you visiting us soon!

Service Times

Every Sunday at 10am

+61 (8) 8339 2121
2 Avenue Rd, Stirling, South Australia, 5152

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Below you will find a selection of documents which will help you understand more about who we are as a church, what we do and how we do it. If there is further information you would like and you can’t locate it on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Here you will find a selection of sermons from the last year available for download, accompanied with the communion message and presentations from the morning. Feel free to download them and have a listen – we would love you to help us spread God’s word so if you like any of the messages, please share them around!

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Upcoming Events

Thursday Night Live
Kids Club @ My Barker

Thursday Nite Live (TNL) is a children’s programme designed for 6 - 12 year olds run out of the Mt Barker Anglican Church Hall. It’s fast paced, fun, interactive and based on Christian based life principles.

We aim to provide a free programme which helps promote:

  • Positive Life Messages
  • Sense of Community
  • Social Inclusion
  • Physical Activity
  • Leadership/Personal Growth Opportunities
  • Fun!

Where: Mt Barker Anglican Church Hall, 40 Hutchinson Street, Mt Barker

When: Thursday Afternoons, 5:45pm - 7pm, during school terms.

This includes a meal. If a gold coin donation is possible for the meal, that would be great, but if not, no worries, no one will miss out.

It’s Free!

Bus transport available with Parental/Carer Consent.

As a Church we obviously approach the programme from a Christian perspective and cover areas relevant to the Christian faith. However in saying that, our desire is to run sessions where kids from all backgrounds can take away positive life messages irrespective of their own personal beliefs. We’ve covered areas such as self-esteem, bullying, stealing, anger & peer group pressure.

We want to provide a place where kids can have fun and be physically active.

Whilst we have adults in our team who provide supervision, the majority of the programme is presented by teenagers in our church. We’ve also established some junior leaders from the older kids who attend the programme. Our desire is that kids not only come to along to enjoy the programme, but also get opportunities to grow by taking on responsibilities.

It’s also been great to have wonderful support from the following organisations: Chingari Restaurant in Nairne who provide a snack for the kids, the Hut Community Centre in Aldgate who allow us to use their bus to transport both teenage and adult workers and equipment from Adelaide Hills Council region and lastly the Mount Barker Council who partner with us by providing resources.

Connect Groups/ Small Group Life

Coffee or tea, a bunch of great people and a relaxed atmosphere! Connect Groups are opportunities to study what God is saying at a much deeper level. Questions generated from the Sunday talks are discussed and there is normally a time set aside to pray for issues. And these groups end with a great supper! What more could you want for a stimulating evening?

Contact the Church office on 08 8339 2121 for further details.

  • MT BARKER Wed 7:30pm fortnightly
  • Hosts: Geraldine Verma
  • Leader: Heather McKenzie
  • PICADILLY Wed 7:30pm fortnightly
  • Hosts: Toshi & Louise Umehara
  • Leaders: Prs Mike and Bev Russell
  • STIRLING Wed 7:30pm weekly
  • Hosts: John & Elsa Hugill
  • Leader: Meredith Lees
  • MEN'S - HAHNDORF Wed 7pm to 8:30pm fortnightly
  • Host: Curtis Richards
  • Leaders: Curtis and Pr Derek
  • WOMEN'S - AT THE CHURCH Thurs 10am weekly (except school hols)
  • Leader: Gabrielle Huybrugts
  • YOUNG ADULTS - STIRLING Mon 6:30pm fortnightly
  • Hosts: Julianne & Amelia Menzies
  • Leader: Pr Dan Desengo


The Source Music

Music is a vital part of our church worship life. We have a team of highly proficient musicians meeting weekly to hone both their musicianship and spiritual sensitivity. They are fundamentally aware of the fact that a good musician is not necessarily a good worship leader. We are on about ‘A spirit of excellence with an excellent spirit!’



Prayer changes things and in this world there is a lot that needs changing. There are a number of people committed to pray at a moment’s notice for issues that arise. This group has seen many obvious answers to their prayers and even when no answer seems to be forthcoming, they know the answer to that is more and more prayer! Nothing will deter them from being faithful, faithful and more faithful to pray for the many needs that come to their attention. If this is an area you feel passionate about then contact the Church office (8339 2121) to express your interest.

Globe (High School)

Hey! This is your chance to get together with a bunch of people on most Friday nights of the year. Every term there is a new programme that comes out with everything on it including contact numbers, costs etc.

Most nights we meet at the church at 7.00pm and head off to the event for the night. It’d be awesome to have you there! Check out our flyer in the Downloads section for the events for this term.

Parents and Carers, please refer to the Documents section under Downloads for a general emergency contact information form to be completed if your child wishes to attend an event. Simply download the form, fill it in and send it along to Globe with your child.

Young Adults (18+)

We’ve got a program that’ll give you the opportunity to socialize with a whole lot of people in their late teens and 20’s. We recognise this is a vital time of our lives when careers are started and life paths set.

We’d like to support you in this exciting time of your life by giving you a chance to relax with people of like mind. Check out the newsletter for upcoming events.

The Connect Group for young adults to gather together is hosted on alternate weeks in Stirling. See here for details.

Hans Voortman

Hans loves to encourage and help people to live life to the max! For nearly 40 years he has been doing this around Australia and in other countries, believing that people can fulfil so much more of their potential.

He says "I want people to grab hold of life with both hands – it’s our most precious gift and worth doing well."

Sharing his life with Fiona, he connects with people of all ages. They have four adult sons: Luke married to Miriam with their daughter Livinia; Joel married to Naomi with their daughter Hannah; Marc married to Vanessa with their daughter Marianna and son Eli and finally, Caleb who is engaged to Maggie.

His enduring passion is to encourage people. For more than 26 years, he has outworked this as the Senior Pastor at The Source Church Stirling, a vibrant church in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Hans shares and teaches widely around Australia and overseas in churches and conferences, lectures in Bible Colleges and is heard regularly on the radio around Australia through his 'Life Matters' spots.

He also continues to fulfil the role of Chairperson of the CRC Churches International in SA, WA and the NT which he has done for more than 20 years and was the previous National Vice Chairman for ten years.

Motivating people to change for the better is his heart, whether it is sharing in his home city of Adelaide or in the back blocks of Sri Lanka.

"People are the same everywhere", he says. "They all need to discover their God given destiny and purpose. The reality is God is the source of everything!"

To this message he has dedicated his life.

Col. 1:29

That's what I'm working so hard at day after day, year after year, doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me.

Follow Hans at the following locations:

I want people to grab hold of life with both hands it’s our most precious gift and worth doing well.

Fiona Voortman

Fiona grew up in a church plant where her father and uncle were the pastors and ended up marrying the youth pastor (Hans) when she was 18. So she went into ministry life with her eyes wide open!

She has been active in pastoral ministry now for 38 years working with Hans in churches in both Victoria and South Australia. She was ordained as a pastor in 2000 and has ministered in many churches, conferences and on the mission field. Over the years God has encouraged a prophetic ministry in her along with a preaching gift having a particular emphasis on discovering the stories behind the Biblical narratives. She has also been used widely in worship leading contexts and has a real heart to encourage women both in her own church at Stirling and around the world. Fiona is the administrative pastor at The Source Church Stirling and is also a member of the SA, NT and WA Executive of CRC Churches International.

Hans and Fiona have four sons, three of who are married and the youngest who is engaged. They are also the proud grandparents of four grandchildren. Their children are all whole heartedly serving God with their lives. She says, "It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life to see all my children serving God and something that I have never taken for granted."

Fiona’s delight is to see people released into the ministry that God has for them. She has found that most people have a secret hope that they often keep hidden for years until God puts his finger on it. When that happens they finally have the confidence to put their trust in God and step into all He has for them.

Putting your trust in God gives you the courage to confidently step into all He has for you.
Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Derek Croser

Derek and April Croser moved to the Adelaide Hills at the beginning of 2007 with their daughter Maggie after having spent the previous six years pastoring in Alice Springs. Their family expanded to five with the arrival of Evelyn (Ev) and Dorothy (Dot). They all thoroughly love living in the Adelaide Hills!

Derek has been the associate pastor since his arrival and enjoys exploring questions like – "What does it mean to follow Jesus?" The popular saying, "What would Jesus do?" can be rephrased to ask "What is Jesus doing?" We then need to ask ourselves, "How is He calling me to partner in what He’s doing, by the Holy Spirit?" We do all this in the context of loving God and loving people in a faith community where all are welcome.

Derek is excited about the vision of the church and looks forward to seeing it being outworked in real and practical ways locally, regionally and abroad by the grace of God.

Ephesians 2:8-10
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Julianne Menzies

As both a resident and pastor in the local Stirling community, Julianne’s life exemplifies her philosophy that connection to your local community is important. “It takes a village to raise a child” is a quote she identifies with.

Her belief in community working together to achieve the best for the people in it motivates her to live inclusively in the hills area. Jesus’ instruction and example to love God and love people are her unwavering inspiration.

Within The Source Church Stirling Julianne’s pastoral responsibilities extend to preaching, mentoring and spending time listening and encouraging people in their journey of faith.

Beyond the church walls she is actively pursuing ways to be a voice for the voiceless and forgotten people in society, motivated by Jesus’ example to seek and find the lost and forgotten, that no-one be denied the love and grace of Jesus.

Matthew 6:23 – “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Steve Sherman

Steve and Louise Sherman came to The Source Church Stirling in 2015 with their four children; Ashleigh, Emma, Rachel and Ben.

Steve enjoys teaching from Scripture and seeing people’s eyes opened to its truths. Particularly he loves to see people discover God and God’s love and plan for them. "My greatest joy is seeing people's eyes opened to who God is, the freedom he has called them to; specifically what God has called them to do and be. I love seeing people living life in that space."

He and Louise have been in ministry for almost twenty years, having planted a church at age 25 and pastoring that church for sixteen years.

Steve is currently working part-time as a high school maths teacher. When he is not at church or school he loves to be outdoors riding his bike, canoeing or hiking (having just finished the Heysen Trail from end to end!). He has also played club cricket for many years.

John 8:36
"And if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed!"

Daniel Desengo

Daniel has been in youth leadership since his final years of high school and was named leader of Globe Youth in 2012.

Daniel enjoys an active lifestyle and thoroughly enjoys his sport especially football, cricket and basketball.

In his late teen and early adult years, Daniel had a strong heart for young people which led him to pursue a secondary school teaching degree at Flinders University, finishing at the end of 2015.

In addition he has chosen to follow the call of ministry on his life and has a trainee minister’s credential with CRC Churches International.

Daniel’s absolute delight is seeing young people’s lives change through meeting Jesus and unlocking their God given destiny and purpose. He says, "I have no idea what my life would have been if I hadn’t accepted Jesus and stayed connected to my youth group. It’s been great to look back on all the great things God has done in my life. I want the same experiences for all young people!"

Proverbs 20:5
"The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters but one who has insight draws them out"

Church Life

Babies and Parents

A babies and parents room is directly off the main auditorium. It is primarily for use by parents to feed and settle their babies.

Busy Kids (Crawlers & Toddlers)

The Busy Kids room has a large double glazed picture window that looks into the main church auditorium. This area is primarily for preschool kids on the move. There's a comfortable couch, a sink, easy access to toilets and plenty of toys that will captivate the imagination of any inquisitive busy child. Parents can look after their little ones in this room and still be able to see and hear the church service.

K6 Kids (Kindergarton & Primary)

The K6 programme is designed for children from Kindergarton through to Year 6. It is full of exciting activities to inspire children to explore the Bible and how it applies to their everyday lives. There are joint activities as well as age appropriate activities which help the children explore their relationship with God as well as build friendships with each other. Two adults who meet our Duty of Care criteria are on duty in this area when the programme runs.

Thursday Night Live (TNL) Kids Club @ Mt Barker Anglican Church Hall

Globe (High School, Years 7-12)

Saturday Night Live (SNL) @ Mt Barker (High School)

Young Adults (18+)

Connect Groups




Hey Girls, you’re very important to us! Once per term we gather for our Girls' Night Out (GNO) for young and old. We mix it up a little with events like movie nights, dinners, special guest speakers, and even head off to the 'Colour' Conference in March each year. Coffee, chat, and leaning in to hear how God is leading, guiding and inspiring us in our everyday lives is core to our times together.


We have a number of events during the year where guys can get together to catch up. Our get togethers are fairly casual and food plays a prominent part! Life can get pretty busy and despite the best of intentions, we don’t always catch up with everyone we’d like to, so these times we get together are great opportunities to do just that.


Food Hampers

The Source Church Stirling has a bunch of dedicated people who give to the community through providing food hampers to those we hear about who are finding things difficult for a myriad of reasons. It is a pleasure to hand over these and see the surprise and happiness on the faces of the recipients. Many have said that this has given them a huge boost to know that someone cares for them.


The SDMA (Stirling and District Ministers Association) supports the work of several pastoral care workers in the primary and high schools of the Adelaide Hills area. As a member of this association, The Source Church Stirling has facilitated these pastoral care workers in their very crucial roles through encouragement and also through providing other workers when needed to interface with the school environment.

Community Support

The Source Church Stirling supports the work of The Hut, a community service for the Adelaide Hills region. A number of people volunteer their time to facilitate the work of The Hut and provide care for those in need in our community.


State CRC Chairman & Executive Member

Currently the CRC Churches International SA, WA, NT Chairperson is Pr Hans Voortman who is the Lead Pastor of The Source Church Stirling. This role allows his ministry to be spread throughout these regions as he encourages churches and their pastors. Pr Fiona Voortman is also a member of the Executive under the leadership of Pr Hans.

Church Ministry Teams

There are regular ministry teams which include musicians, speakers etc who visit some of the smaller churches in the Adelaide and country regions in order to give support and encouragement.

Life Matters Radio Segments

Pr Hans Voortman is the voice behind the Life Matters segments on Life FM the Christian radio station in Adelaide and regional centres. This aspect of his ministry has blessed countless people.


Countries we support

The people of The Source Church Stirling have committed themselves to regularly support a number of mission endeavours around the world. This commitment comes in the form of financial giving along with many choosing to join teams which have travelled to the countries in order to interact, support and encourage the people there in person.

The main focus is towards Sri Lanka, one of the countries particularly devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. The Source Church Stirling is dedicated to raise $40,000 over a 3 year period towards a project totalling $400,000 which will allow for the establishment of a base for the local pastors and people to work from in that country.

CRC Missions

Sri Lanka Schools & Children’s Homes. www.crcmissions.org

About Us

The Source Church Stirling situated in the Adelaide Hills continues to impact thousands of people all around the world as it has for over 50 years! It’s an energetic gathering of people of all ages doing life together. Whether supporting children's homes in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, running kids clubs in local Hills communities, starting churches and releasing leaders across Australia, supporting and organizing community projects such as renovating local hospitals or doing ‘garden makeovers’ for those in need ... it all flows from our shared conviction that, "God is the Source of everything!"

Our Vision

God, People, World

Our Values

Discovering God

A church in which God is encountered

Nurturing People

A church that facilitates people to be all God intended them to be

Affecting Worlds

A church that interacts relevantly with its world, displaying and sharing Christ’s love

“The full vision document is available here


We are motivated by Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give”. Partner with us to make a difference in this community and beyond.

Discover the joy of giving!

We thank you for your continued support.

Preferred Payment: By direct Bank Deposit.

Details for Periodic Payments:
Name: The Source Church Stirling Inc
BSB: 105 079
Acc No: 045292640
Please use the codes below as the description to designate what your giving is for...

+ ‘T and O’ – Tithes and Offerings (Regular giving to The Source Church Stirling)
+ ‘MMG’ - Monthly Mission Giving (supporting projects and personnel in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia)
+ ‘CP’ - The Colombo Project (support for the establishment of a major training centre in the capital of Sri Lanka)
+’TNL’ - ‘Thursday Night Live’ (Support for the children's program in Mount Barker).
+Other giving (specify)

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The Source Church Stirling


+61 (8) 8339 2121


2 Avenue Rd, Stirling

South Australia, 5152